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Meet Mabel

Cleanliness is about to head to a whole new level and you can thank us later.

November 11, 2021
Wellbeing, Gamechangers
Contributor - Mallory McLane

When you sit back and think about it, it's mind-boggling that we douse our bathtubs in potent chemicals to "clean" them before filling them up with piping hot water to take a long soak in our organic, clean, vegan, and sustainable bath salts. It doesn't add up, does it? Enter Mabel. The first home brand to launch on Project bYouty – Mabel is a small batch, handcrafted luxury cleaning line. Vegan, solvent-free, plant-based, sulfate-free, and 100% all-natural.

Founder Reshma is a powerhouse and from the moment we said that zoom hello we knew we needed to tell the world about all things Mabel.

In 10 words – tell us about you.

creative, passionate, free-spirited, curious, loyal, mindful, stubborn, innovative, meticulous, driven

In 10 words – tell us about Mabel.

Creative, elegant, honest, clean, green, vegan, plant-based, luxurious, purposeful, environmentally friendly,

What do we need to know about you as the founder of Mabel?

I am a creative, yet practical person. I love building products that serve a real purpose and are honest.

What do you wish someone had told you whilst you were creating Mabel?

I wish someone had told me that one strong product was better than starting with six different products. Starting with six products that are made in small batches

Why is it important for people to switch from conventional cleaning supplies to Mabel's all-natural products?

Cleaning supplies many who claims to be “green” have hidden chemicals that they are not legally required to disclose due to proprietary laws. Finding small-batch cleaning products is imperative.

What are people most surprised to hear when you tell them the products they're currently using aren't necessarily the best thing to be used around the house?

I believe with media, celebrity endorsements, and “everyone” is using it mentality people have never really thought about the products they are using to clean their home. I always say clean living is all-encompassing- not just clean beauty which is the big hype right now.

Where should people begin when switching their cleaning supplies over to Mabel and why?

Bad ingredients can cause infertility, cancer, and other health issues. As important as it is to use clean beauty its important to use clean cleaning supplies. The products we use in our home we breathe and touch and they go into our body. Its important we use proper chemicals because they affect our overall health.

Are there any products you wish you could create? Problems you haven’t found good solutions for?

I would love to create room sprays that are truly clean and green and that do not have alcohol or “witch hazel”, which is also just alcohol.

How did your own personal "toxin-free" journey begin?

I have always lived a very clean life. My parents are both very simple people and were minimal in the products they used throughout the house. They never believed in frozen food and always made fresh food every day. My mom introduced me to homemade masks as a kid. I took the journey up a notch.

So fresh and so clean...

Project bYouty quick fire:

You can only take 3 beauty products with you to a desert island – what are they?
Cleansing balm, face mask, hair, nails and skin supplements

A beauty hack you swear by?
Using lipliner all over the lip, instead of lipstick

8 hours sleep or 2 litres of water?
8 hours of sleep

Favorite selfcare treatment?
DIY lemon, turmeric and honey mask

Most Iconic woman?
Aishwary Rai

Moral of the story? Switching to all-natural and sustainable home products may only be a tiny drop in the ocean, but that’s what the ocean is made of: tiny drops.

November 11, 2021
Wellbeing, Gamechangers
Contributor - Mallory McLane


Augustinus Bader -
‘The Cream’

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