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Brand Founder

أصبح أوريبي كانال، مصفف شعر في مدينة نيويورك ، اسمًا يجب معرفته عندما بدأ الشراكة مع المصور الشهير ستيفن ميزل في أواخر الثمانينيات ، وعمل مع جياني فيرساتشي في أوائل التسعينيات. أسست كاناليس وكالة أوريبيخلال ذلك الوقت والتي مثلت أسماء جمال كبيرة مثل لورا ميرسييه و نارس و كفين مانكوسو و بوبي براون ، كما افتتحت أيضًا صالون أوريبي فيفث أفنيو في إليزابيث أردن في عام 1991 أيضًا. يا لها من سيرة ذاتية رائعة.

اقرأ المزيد

ومع ذلك ، لم يتم إطلاق أوريبي للعناية بالشعر حتى عام 2008 ، عندما رأى أوريبي فرصة في فئة العناية بالشعر الاحترافية لإنشاء علامة تجارية تقدم منظورًا فريدًا من نوعه. أدى هذا المنظور إلى قيام أوريبي بصياغة رذاذ النسيج الجاف الشهير - المحبوب من قبل كبار مصففي الشعر والمحررين على حد سواء.

Brand Founder قراءة أقل

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A small drop goes a long way to make my hair feel healthy and smell great. Excellent product! I love the fact that it can also be used as an overnight treatment.


I usually use the texturising spray from Oribe, but thought I’d give this one a try and I’m glad I did. Unlike other dry shampoos, it doesn’t leave any residue, gives my hair volume and the scent is luxurious. Just wish they offered it in a travel size too. Would definitely recommend to buy it if you are after a good quality product.


LOVE THIS!! My hair stylist used this on me and I fell in love with how my hair felt afterwards. It gave nice hold to my loose curls. Best part I can use it the next day and it revives my hair style. Also I haven't noticed any white cast of any sort on my near black hair. Definitely recommend!


Love this shampoo! the way it feels when I wash my hair it feels better than any other shampoo I’ve found so far the conditioner was just okay in my opinion.


My first from Oribe! At a first glance, the packaging is beautiful, regarding the products inside, not only does it smell incredible, but the actual texture of it is very thick, nothing like I have really tried before. I have very heavily chemically processed hair so trying out new shampoos has always been a favourite thing to do of mine. Regarding results, I'm 4 washes in and even after the 1st wash, my hair looks super full and shiny.


Noticeably improves hair – I use it multiple times a week on days that I blow dry my hair straight. It has been transformative for the health of my hair and well worth the money. Highly recommend

L. Krucks

The Oribe Maximista is the BEST Thickening spray I've found -- and I've used so many of the "best!" Seriously -- if what you need is a True thickening spray that Truly fills your hair giving it volume and is Not greasy or dulls your hair -- try this one! Pricey - but worth it! (and for a 60 yr old who's hair is now thinning on the crown -- this Review is saying it all!)


The Rolls-Royce of haircare. I love this product. I have used it before but as you really do not need a large amount at all I went for was the smaller size. At this time - there were few retailers offering this size.


This actually does that it says. It gives your hair volume and finishes your style beautifully. A small amount goes a long way so although the bottle is expensive, it lasts a long time.


This is a great product. It has an amazing smell and your hair becomes soft but full of volume. This is a daily must for me, so happy I gave it a shot.

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Augustinus Bader -
‘The Cream’

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