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London, United Kingdom



Cruelty Free - No animals were tested in the making of these products


Vegan - No animal-derived ingredients in these products


Clean - Clean beauty = fully transparent labels.


Halal - These halal products are allowed under Islamic law

Founder Katie Brindle was an incredible opera singer with a promising career ahead of her until an unfortunate car accident took her voice. Rather than use medicine as we know it, Katie believed she could heal herself and travelled all over China looking for ancient traditions and formulas that could help. Inspired by what she found and the results it had, Katie decided to train as a practitioner and has gone on to write a book about her experiences, ‘Yang Sheng: The Art of Chinese Self-Healing.’ Katie believes we all hold the power to treat ourselves better. She’s not wrong. “My aim with this book is to translate an ancient and powerful philosophy into simple and clear daily rituals,” Katie says. “I want you to discover how Chinese medicine doesn’t need to be complicated or mysterious. It’s something you can do yourself with just small changes that can be breathtakingly effective.”

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People have a tendency to assume Chinese medicine is all herbs and acupuncture. Whereas Katie goes on to explain through her practice and book that the missing link we all need is self-care. It’s a huge area of expertise in Chinese medicine that most people aren’t aware of. It has become her mission in life to help others to discover and use this healing system. She said “Whilst Western medicine has transformed health care as we know it, there’s a gap that it doesn’t address and that’s the ‘almost-well’, the ‘not feeling so good’, the tired out and over-stressed. This is a gap I have seen Chinese medicine – specifically yang sheng – fill beautifully”.

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Skin Concern





Skin Concern


Nicola mArkham

I have been using my tapper and body for a few weeks and really notice how relaxed yet energized they make me feel afterwards. I love these self nourishing products!


First of all it feels fantastic and I have found my face feels lifted and glows. The Precision Tool has lessened a scar I had from a spot. I used the point to go over the scar and in a matter of days, the scar is less noticeable

Nicola Markham

I have been using my tapper and body comb for a few weeks and really notice how relaxed yet energized they make me feel afterwards. I love these self nourishing products!


I use the hayou body restorer on a daily basis to help with the pain of arthritis but also because it’s unbelievably relaxing. It’s the perfect companion to the restorer because it’s smells so good - I'll never be without it.


Just another beautiful product from Katie and the team - they never get it wrong.

Jackie O Conner

My face gets a workout (the method is very easy) and the oil is sublime. I have tried several other oils with my jade tool and no other has the gorgeous scent that this one does. I have purchased both for myself and a gift, would definitely recommend, and will definitely buy again…..and again….and again.


The Body Restorer gua sha massage tool is one of the best skincare tools on the market.


Augustinus Bader -
‘The Cream’

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