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New York, United States


Cruelty Free - No animals were tested in the making of these products


Vegan - No animal-derived ingredients in these products


Clean - Clean beauty = non-toxic


Organic - No GMOs in these organic products


Halal - These halal products are allowed under Islamic law


Sustainable - Socially, ethically responsible, planet-friendly alternatives

Fabian Lliguin and partner Anna Ayers founded Rahua in 2008 with a simple, though idealistic, goal in mind. They wanted to create all-natural hair products that achieve better results than their synthetic counterparts while empowering indigenous communities of the Amazon and preserving the future of the rainforest. Whilst on an environmental mission Fabian, a New York hair stylist, and Anna, a fashion forecaster, were introduced to the rare Rahua oil by the Amazonian women who just happened to have incredibly long, healthy and smooth hair. “This was the discovery that led us to founding our company” they said. Rahua is now dedicated to the preservation of the Amazon Rainforest and the indigenous people who live there. They aim to create and sustain an economy for the people there based on preserving their traditions. As a result more than 500 families from the Quechua-Shuar, Achuar, and neighboring tribes work with Fabian and Anna to cultivate the rainforest’s ingredients they use in their products.

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Rahua believes that caring for your hair and skin with clean, non-toxic formulas is an essential part of your overall health. “Everything we put on our hair, scalp and skin is absorbed into the body” they told us. All Rahua products are made with organic, natural and pure plant-derived ingredients. And its goals are simple - connect the customers to nature by providing clean, non-toxic clean beauty products and help the Amazonians create a healthy and self-sustained economy. If this isn’t inspirational enough, Anna and Fabian are striving to keep Rahua carbon-positive, which is fantastic news for the environment and a trailblazing move as they’re the first company to do so. They’ve also preserved around 95 acres of sacred Amazonian tribal land.

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Skin Concern
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Vignas 231

This has transformed my hair! I love this shampoo for all the reasons; texture, scent, end result. A must try.


Both the shampoo and conditioner changed my hair for the better. I used to have super oily hair with dandruff and wash my hair every other day. Now I look like I belong in a hair commercial.

Laureen Frederick

Best Shampoo I’ve ever used, smells amazing and works to make hair hair look fuller, healthier, and more shiny.


I have the greasiest hair, very sensitive to conditioner. This is the best condition I’ve found to keep my hair light and feeling clean all day! The best part is that a little goes a loooong way! Highly recommend.

Yvette Dela Rosa

I have been losing a lot hair over the past couple of years due to health concerns and stress. I bought the Rahua Elixir praying it would help. It did, absolutely LOVE it.

Izabella Sperling

This is the best hair mask. I focus it mostly on the ends then put a small amount throughout the rest of my hair. Even the first time using it my hair felt drastically healthier. It makes my hair super silky, soft, and keeps a lasting shine for days.

Hunter McNabney

I’ve never tried a product like this one before, I am elated. My hairs so smooth, rich and just full of volume. Highly recommend it.


This spray is wonderful! Mixed with dry shampoo for a deeper cleaning or used alone for a refresher, it works wonders and really helps my hair look less oily so that I can extend the time between washes!

Matthew Dixon

I have tried a number of products for my hair and haven't found one I really like, until now. Rahua cream wax has enough hold to keep the style I want, it smells great, and it's made with health/eco conscious ingredients. Highly recommend!

Jemma Jorel Lester

I am reeeeally trying to keep all toxic products out of the home, and hair care has definitely been difficult. I like Rahua's Dry Shampoo. It's a better application than just powder in a pot )and it provides a nice de-oiling without being too starchy.


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