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Find out why we’re misting our faces

Find out why we’re misting our faces
March 08, 2021
Photography - Brian Yuastris
Contributor - Amy Wilkinson-Lough

More than for a moment of reprieve in the summer heat, face mists are becoming our new favourite thing and the reason goes deeper than what you may take it for on the surface

One refreshing spritz of a cool face mist and you instantly feel revitalized, but did you know that they can do much more than that? Face mists pack their own weight in health benefits that shouldn’t be overlooked. Truth be told, even when you apply a moisturiser in the morning, your skin loses water throughout the day. Living in Dubai, it’s safe to say we know this can come at a rapid pace when you factor in the weather conditions.

The moment you hit parched status; your skin begins feeling tight and looses its gorgeous glow, suddenly appearing dull. What's worse? It never happens when at a convenient time. Typically, this happens smack dab in the middle of the afternoon when cleansing, moisturising and reapplying make-up just simply isn’t an option.

Enter face mist.

What’s inside?

Designed to settle on your face, in micro-sized droplets, face mist delivers a quick hit of moisture. Facial mists are much more than just H20. If you were to spray yourself with regular water, sure, it may cool you off and give you a little jolt to wake up, but it isn’t quite going to hydrate your skin. If this were the case, we’d save a lot of money on beauty products by spending more time under the showerhead.

Instead, power-packed ingredients like hyaluronic acid, glycerin as well as other beneficial boosters like rosewater are included for their moisture-binding properties to give your skin the refresher it needs.

Recharging your mind:

While there’s nothing quite like feeling refreshed and rehydrated, the simple act of closing your eyes and taking a moment to gently mist your face offers a moment of calm for your mind that can be extremely beneficial when you’re sat at your desk or are getting ready to head into a meeting. With many mists now including therapeutic scents, there’s no wrong time of day to use a mist to recharge.

March 08, 2021
Photography - Brian Yuastris
Contributor - Amy Wilkinson-Lough
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